The Artists

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Alaska Inuit Jewelry

From the shores of Kachemak Bay in scenic Homer, Alaska designer Catrin Lovett incorporates the rare and beautiful ancient fossil walrus and mammoth ivories into one of a kind creations, revealing the natural beauty of these unique and timeless materials. Fossil walrus ivory and wooly mammoth tooth are two of the few types of ivory […]

Bailon, Clarence and Eleanor

Clarence and Eleanor Bailon are from Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo Pueblo) on the Rio Grande in New Mexico. They have been crafting wonderful jewelry for many years, which is inspired by their Native American homelands and culture. They work with genuine turquoise stones and sterling silver. It is always a pleasure to visit with them […]

Bear, Don Standing

Don Standing Bear was born in Massachusetts, the son of Andres “Grey Wolf” Forest and Esther “NightDancer” Forest. He is a member of the SOU’ West Nova Metis (Canada) and the Mi’Kmaq/Abenaki/Huron tribes. Don’s grandparents, parents and sisters have been influential in his pursuit of his native heritage and artistic expressions. Don lives in the […]

Begay, Erick

Erick Begay is a master Navajo silversmith and goldsmith with more that twenty years experience. He is also an award-winning artist who has won several awards, including Santa Fe Indian Market. His family has been involved in Native American jewelry for generations. His mother, Frances Begay, taught him the art of silver-smithing while she sold […]

Begay, Roland

“Roland Begay is a Navajo silversmith who is famous for his storyteller jewelry. He was born near Gallup, New Mexico. He attended a boarding school in Gallup and spent his summers working on a ranch. There he learned about training and raising barrel racing horses. He went on to compete in rodeos with his barrel […]

Begay, Wilson and Carol

Wilson and Carol Begay, Navajo, started making their jewelry in 1969. Both come from native jewelry families who worked for C.G. Wallace and Kirk Brothers Trading Company in Gallup, New Mexico. The quality of their silversmithing and stone work is evident in every piece they produce. Each piece is made to last a lifetime and […]

Burgess, Nocona J.

Nocona J. Burgess is from Lawton, Oklahoma and is the great-great grandson of Chief Quanah Parker (who is the subject of this painting). He comes from a family of artists. In 1991, Nocona graduated from the Institute of American Indian Art (IACA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an Associate in Fine Arts degree. He […]

Charley, Lee

Lee Charley, Navajo, grew up in Thoreau, New Mexico. He played on the basketball team and graduated from High School there in 1987. He is married to Karen Martinez, Calvin Martinez’s younger sister and has four children. Lee learned to make jewelry from his mother and worked with her for over nine years. Early in […]

Coriz, James and Doris

I am a great fan of James and Doris Coriz of Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo). Jewelry-making is truly a family affair. James hand-cuts every stone and shell and Doris and the rest of the family help to string their beautiful Native American jewelry. The Corizs’ are known for their stunning traditional fantail necklaces made with […]

Custer, Gary

Navajo Master Silversmith, Gary Custer, is known for his exquisite high end precious metal work.  Gary was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Ft. Defiance, Arizona, near Gallup, New Mexico.  He was raised around his grandparents from the time he was young.  English is his second language.  Knowing the Navajo language has helped […]

Eriacho, Ola

Ola was born May 29, 1949 at Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. She has won awards for her jewelry at prestigious shows such as, SWAIA Indian Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico; The Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market, Indianapolis, IN; and the Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ. For many years, she participated in the Hopi-Zuni Artist Show in Japan. […]

Favour, Charlie

Charlie Favour of Camp Verde, Arizona makes some of the finest leather bracelets.Charlie Favour was born in 1950 in Prescott, Arizona. While growing up around ranches and rodeos, he began braiding when he was 11 years old. In 1970, Charlie started doing leatherwork professionally by opening a leather and Native American art store in Aspen, […]

Harvey House Style Jewelry

There is a great story behind the Harvey House Style Jewelry. As the railroads pushed west in the late 1800’s, there was a demand for more services for the comfort of passengers.  Enter entrepreneur Fred Harvey.  The Fred Harvey Company established a business relationship with the Santa Fe Railway as it built tracks from Kansas […]

Hendren, Shane

Shane R. Hendren was born in the fall of 1970 in Gallup, New Mexico, 30 miles south of his hometown of Tohatchi on the Navajo Reservation. As a three year old his mother observed his desire and ability to draw. He drew what he was surrounded by – horses, cattle, cowboys and indigenous people. As […]

Hodgins, L. Bruce

Bruce was born in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1959 to a full-blooded Navajo mother and an Anglo father. In those days it was a long ride while in labor from Hotevilla on the Hopi reservation to the little Flagstaff hospital approximately 125 miles away. Bruce’s mother was Mary Hunt Dodge Hodgins from the Toadlena/Crystal area of […]

Hood, Rance

Rance Hood is one of the few Native American artists left who still paints in the manner which echoes the traditional Indian culture and spirituality of the past that has been drastically changed by the modern and white worlds. Hood grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma in the home of his maternal grandparents who taught him […]

Jackson, Tommy

Award-winning Navajo jeweler Tommy Jackson was born in 1958 into a family with a long history of jewelry making. Tommy’s father and mother, Gene and Martha Jackson, are known for their hollowware and shadow-box style. Tommy started silversmithing when he was about 20. Both he and his wife, Marie, were schoolteachers in Wide Ruins, Arizona […]

Joe, Al

Al Joe is a master Navajo jeweler whose exquisite jewelry is created using the finest materials.  Al creates these masterpieces through the use of a variety of metal-smithing techniques. Working in gold and silver, his pieces are often set with high quality natural turquoise stones from famous older American mines. In 2001, he won the […]

Kirk, Michael

Michael Kirk is from the Isleta Pueblo along the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque.  He is also of Navajo decent. He was born in 1949 and began making jewelry in 1971 after serving in the Marines in Vietnam. He is known for his delicate feather designs. Michael hand cuts his designs and adds etched and […]

Laate, Carlos

Carlos Laate was born in Zuni, New Mexico. He learned traditional pottery making from his step-grandmother, Daisy Hooee by observing and listening to what she had to say about pottery making. It was the same way with his aunt Jennie Laate. Carlos has been making pottery since 1989 and his technique is beautiful. His design […]

"Acoma Mission, 1952" Photograph by Lee Marmon

Marmon, Lee

Lee Marmon is America’s best known and most widely respected Native American photographer.   For the past fifty years, Lee Marmon has used the magic and power of his camera lens to immortalize the noble spirit and enduring legacy of his elder tribes people in his native Laguna, New Mexico. The passing of time has turned […]

Nez, Leonard

Leonard Nez is a talented Navajo Silversmith. His work is very precise and pleasing. Leonard uses top quality Natural Turquoise and Natural Ox Blood Coral. He is an active participant in rodeos traveling across the west to compete.  Because of his busy rodeo schedule, he only produces a few handmade pieces of jewelry at a […]

Nieto, Chris

Chris Nieto of Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) is one of my favorite Native American Jewelers.He has a terrific eye for design and color. He is also a master at working with a variety of stones. Born in 1972, Chris attended the Santa Fe Indian School and served in the U.S. Army in Desert Storm. He […]

Nordwall, Raymond

Native American Artist, Raymond Nordwall is a member of the Pawnee tribe of Oklahoma and the Red Lake Chippewa. He lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Raymond paints in a variety of media including monotype, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media and oils. His pieces are filled with vibrant colors reminiscent of the French and […]

Panteah, Myron

Myron Panteah (Navajo/Zuni) of Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico was born in 1966 andis a third generation jeweler. Myron’s jewelry features petroglyph designs in sterling silver and 14k gold. He keeps an index of the petroglyph motifs the he has sketched from rock art sites near Zuni Pueblo. He uses a combination of cutout, stamp work, […]

Poyer, Jimmy

Jimmy Poyer was born in 1954 close to Mexican Water, Arizona and was raised near Red Mesa, south of the Four Corners. His traditional Navajo family upbringing gave him a strong sense of values. He attended high school in Shiprock and did well in school. He spent a few semesters at BYU and the University […]

Ramirez, Daniel Borja

Daniel Borja Ramirez was born on June 1, 1953 and is from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan. He has dedicated himself to being the best painter of contemporary woodland images in memory of his mother. He received a Master in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. He creates Woodland Arts for several Native […]

Rosetta, Jeremy and Eileen

Jeremy and Eileen Rosetta are from Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo). Kewa is one of the 19 Pueblos in New Mexico. Their Pueblo people were originally from Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.The Rosetta’s create authentic, handmade Native American Jewelry of the highest quality. The mediums used are sterling silver, brass, copper, natural turquoise and shells. Traditional […]

Sanchez, Georgia

Georgia Sanchez of Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) makes the most exquisite mosaic jewelry. Every piece of Turquoise, Spiney Oyster and Mother of Pearl is hand-cut and precisely inlaid into (not on top of) Black Jet. This process involves carving the design into the Jet for the placement of each small stone/shell. It is a painstaking […]

Secatero, Randy & Sylvana

Randy Secatero was born on the small Canoncito Navajo Reservation thirty miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This part of the reservation is not contiguous with the major part of the Navajo Nation and represents less than one percent of the total Navajo Nation.   He took jewelry making in high school but got his […]

Small, Mary

From the age of eight (8), Mary Small helped her mother make pottery and weave yucca baskets.  Today, she is one of the leading potters from the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico.  In 1975, Mary stopped using paint and started using only clay glazes.  She developed her own technique for a gray glaze and is […]

Smith, Kirk

Kirk Smith, Navajo, was born January 27, 1957 in Breadsprings. He was a prolific silversmith who produced stunning silver and stone Navajo Jewelry from 1972 until his untimely passing in 2012. “My grandfather made jewelry and began teaching me. He was very secretive about it. In a canyon away from their hogan he had dug […]

Suazo, Anita

I am very pleased to offer the beautiful pottery of award-winning potter, Anita Suazo from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. In the words of Smithsonian Institution Assistant Curator, William Merrill, “Anita Suazo is a contemporary master potter.”  Born in 1937, she works with her husband Joseph Suazo. She comes from a long line of traditional […]


The Supersmith Collection offers a selection of some of the highest quality Native American jewelry available in the southwest today. Nationally renowned designer David Rosales, is one of the finest contemporary southwest designers in the world today. He is the founder and co-owner of Supersmith, Inc. Hailing from Gallup, David has been in the jewelry […]

Taos Drums

Throughout the history of mankind, people all over the world have prized drums–the instruments of rhythm. Perhaps no other people have attached a greater significance to the spirit of the drum than the Indian tribes of North America. The drum has played an inherent role in the lives of Native Americans for centuries. Prior to […]

Tsinnie, Orville

Orville Tsinnie (Navajo) lives in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation. He was born in Tuba City, Arizona in 1943. After attending high school in Tuba City and Chinle, Arizona, he went to the Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas to study commercial business. He came back to the Navajo Reservation and landed a job […]

Warner, Selena

Selena Warner is a Navajo Silversmith from Gallup, New Mexico. She has been perfecting her craft for nearly twenty years. Her favorite projects to work on are multi colored necklaces and multi stone earrings which incorporate Spiny Oyster Shell and various types of Turquoise stones. Selena taught herself how to shape stones and has been […]

Willis, George “Shukata”

Born in Quanah, Texas, George “Shukata” Willis (Choctaw) has been a working jeweler since 1964. Schooled in art at the University of Texas, George later moved to California where he furthered his training at the Southern California College of Jewelry Design and the Starline Jewelry School in Los Angeles. He then opened his own jewelry […]

Yellowhorse, Artie

Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo, is from Corrales, New Mexico. She is known for her wonderful designs and fabrication evident in each piece of her jewelry. The influences of the Navajo culture are readily apparent in her beautiful wearable art, which evolved out of generations of artistic talent. She has two daughters, Desiree and Lei Lani who […]