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Navajo Nation, Urban Outfitters Dispute

Very interesting article about tribal names and cultural themes being used without permission by corporations for merchandising.   Things To Know About Navajo Nation, Urban Outfitters Dispute By Alicia Fonseca, February 3, 2016 AP Mobile AP FILE – In this Oct. 14, 2015, file photo, purchased items from Urban Outfitters’ Navajo line are shown in […]

Leap of Faith

One of the best things I have ever done is to start this business.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work!  I am a one woman band.  I travel from Virginia to New Mexico four (4) times a year (someone has to do it!), drive around to the Rio Grande Pueblos, Zuni Pueblo, […]

Turquoise and Ants

Ants and Turquoise?  I just read the most interesting article in The Allure of Turquoise which was published by New Mexico Magazine.  It seems that harvester ants are attracted to Turquoise. They will dig it out and carry it back to their nests!  In fact, at Chaco Canyon archeologists started mapping the ant nests at […]

The Lincoln Canes

I carry a lot of jewelry from Santo Domingo (Kewa) and other Pueblos along the Rio Grande in New Mexico.   The Nineteen Pueblos in New Mexico were built by descendants of Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and other cliff dwellers starting around 800 A.D.  Unlike the nomadic Plains tribes and the government created reservations, […]

December 2014

It’s the season of celebration!  Lights, music, gifts, food, family and friends.  As I sit in my comfortable chair  binging on Holiday movies, I wonder what you like best about the season.  I especially love the lights.   Lights are involved in all the different holidays celebrated this time of year.  To me they signify hope […]

November 2014 — Native American Heritage Month

How many of you know that November is Native American Heritage Month?  It is not well-publicized across the United States even though the United States has been “recognizing” Native American Heritage Day/Month for 100 years!  I thought you might like to know about the history behind  the effort to recognize the First Americans and their […]

October 2014 — Sale PricesToo Good To Be True!!

I have been very fortunate to have the support and shared knowledge from some wonderful people who have been in the Indian Arts business for many years. One of my favorites is a third generation Indian Trader who grew up in a Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation and whose son is now the fourth […]

September 2014

I just returned from my annual trip to Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As usual, it was WONDERFUL! The buildup to Indian Market was a 7 day loop starting out from Albuquerque and driving the San Juan Skyway from Durango to Silverton to Ouray to Telluride and Mesa Verde in Southwestern Colorado. Each […]

August 2014

A lot of people ask me what the significance is of the “upside down horseshoe” design in Native American Jewelry. It is a central design of the Squash Blossom Necklace made by Navajo craftsmen. It is called a Naja. The Spanish who explored the Americas brought horses whose bridles and saddles were adorned with elaborate […]

July 2014

On my April trip to Zuni Pueblo, in western New Mexico, I took an archeological tour of Hawikku, one of the original six villages built by the A:shiwi (Zuni).  I am always interested in learning more about the Pueblos and Tribes whose art I represent.  I had just finished reading Cities of Gold, A Journey […]