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Jeremy and Eileen Rosetta

Jeremy and Eileen Rosetta are from Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo). Kewa is one of the 19 Pueblos in New Mexico. Their Pueblo people were originally from Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.The Rosetta’s create authentic, handmade Native American Jewelry of the highest quality. The mediums used are sterling silver, brass, copper, natural turquoise and shells. Traditional and contemporary designs are used along with the petroglyph symbols. Their designs are original and one of a kind. Their work has been featured at Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard Museum Guild Fair and the National Museum of the American Indian’s George Gustav Heye Center.

I have had the pleasure of having lunch at the Rosetta’s home at Kewa. Jeremy’s mother and a neighbor joined us for homemade tamales, chick pea salad, red chile and fresh Indian bread baked in a traditional outdoor Pueblo “horno” oven. It was a wonderful family meal.

The Rosetta’s are lovely people and their jewelry reflects their traditional lifestyle at Kewa with an infusion of modern design elements. Each piece is truly special.   Some of the designs they use are:

Zia Sun – Source of Life/Sun with the four directions. Corn Plant – Life. Hummingbird – Harmony. Shaman – Spiritual Guide and Protector. Rain Cloud with Lightning – Blessings and Power. Moon – Rebirth. Continuity of Life. Stars – Inspiration and Guidance. T – Traditional symbol of Kewa for Turquoise Swirl – Journey of Life. Raindrop – Blessing. Hand – Friendship, Healing, Wisdom Circle – Circle of Life.

Check back soon to see pieces by this artist.