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December 2014

It’s the season of celebration!  Lights, music, gifts, food, family and friends.  As I sit in my comfortable chair  binging on Holiday movies, I wonder what you like best about the season.  I especially love the lights.   Lights are involved in all the different holidays celebrated this time of year.  To me they signify hope and happiness.  Here in Virginia, houses and trees are decorated with hundreds of tiny lights.  In the southwest, the lights are in the form of farolitos or luminarias.  These traditional southwestern lights consist of paper bags with a candle placed in sand inside the bag (although electric ones are now available too).  They line walkways, rooftops, porches and roads.   Christmas in the Southwest is truly magical.   Luminarias decorate all the adobe buildings.  Trees are lit with tiny lights.  The air is crisp and cold.  The stars are bright in the dark night sky.  It’s a magical time for children and adults.  Whatever is magical to you this season, embrace it, share it and carry it forward into the new year.  Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  Oh, and if you are lucky enough to be in the Santa Fe area over the holidays, be sure to spend time at a pueblo dance.  The pueblos along the Rio Grande from Albuquerque to Taos have traditional deer, buffalo, matachine and other dances that are often open to the considerate public.   You won’t be disappointed!

The Lincoln Canes
November 2014 -- Native American Heritage Month