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Panteah, Myron

Myron Panteah (Navajo/Zuni) of Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico was born in 1966 andis a third generation jeweler. Myron’s jewelry features petroglyph designs in sterling silver and 14k gold. He keeps an index of the petroglyph motifs the he has sketched from rock art sites near Zuni Pueblo. He uses a combination of cutout, stamp work, overlay and applique techniques. Instead of using traditional turquoise and coral he uses earthy colored stones such as jasper, agate and dinosaur bone. Myron creates his jewelry in steps. He builds the silver frames first; then he uses a fine saw to cut out minute and delicate designs freehand that he solders onto the frame. After the applique work, he cuts out further designs on the silver frame. In 2001 he was quoted in Native Peoples Magazine: “My ideas come to me while I am working.  Many of my pieces have migration and water symbols incorporated into their design. The spiral is a migration symbol – it is like the solar system, the spirals on our fingertips, the rings in a tree.”  Myron’s pieces have won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.


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