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Nancy G.
Santa Fe, NM

Georgia Fischel’s Dragonfly Native American Jewelry is a well run, high quality venue for collectable, fun Native American treasures. I am a native of Santa Fe, NM and formerly lived in Warrenton,VA where Dragonfly is located. I have known Georgia for 30 years.I consign with her on a regular basis and also have purchased some of my FAVORITE jewelry from her store.
She has forged a genuine love and respect of Native craftsmanship which has made her business a glowing example of Native culture and authenticity. Despite living in the heartland of the Native jewelry industry, I still rely on her expertise when advancing my personal collection.
I have been fortunate to travel with her to Zuni Pueblo and Gallup, NM. Her relationship with the tribal people is charming and she buys with a smile and her costumers are in for a treat.
Shop with a trusted source, Native jewelry is very often imitated and poor quality abounds. Dragonfly represents the real deal. ENJOY !!

Debbie S.
Warrenton, VA
I. L.