Our Story

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As a collector for over 35 years, I have personal knowledge and experience in searching out and finding genuine Native American Jewelry, Pottery and Arts. Every piece I sell is hand-picked by me personally on my frequent trips to New Mexico.

I was born and raised in Southern California. My first exposure to the Native American Culture was Palm Canyon outside of Palm Springs. The Ancestral Agua Caliente Indians lived there amongst the Giant Palms and life giving natural springs. My parents took me on walks there when we visited the area. It was, and is, a place of immense peace and calm that made an impression on me at a very young age. We moved to Virginia when I started high school to be near my grandparents. My grandfather had a Shenandoah River bottom farm where we would pick arrowheads out of the freshly turned soil. I was with him the day he pulled a perfect stone rolling pin out of the ground. He had bushels of arrowheads thousands of years old. I am a Virginian by heritage on both sides of my family from the 1700’s. I was drawn to Colorado to attend and graduate from the University of Colorado. I found my soul in the Rocky Mountains and made my first trip to Taos and Santa Fe soon after college. I purchased my first Native American Turquoise ring in Taos and have been collecting ever since. On that first trip to New Mexico, I visited San Ildefonso Pueblo and felt the same quiet as Palm Canyon. Too bad I was too poor to buy any of Maria Martinez’s Blackware Pottery back then!

I have lived in Virginia for 40 years. But, I have never lost my love of the West. I have “hunted” and collected Native American jewelry, pottery and art ever since purchasing that first Turquoise ring. It is a passion that my husband shares with me. Friends and relatives were always asking me to bring them authentic Native American jewelry and art from our regular travels out west. So, in 2007 I started Dragonfly Native American Jewelry out of my home. The website soon followed and I opened a boutique in 2012 in my hometown of Warrenton, Virginia . I love the fact that people who have the same passion or want to know more about Native arts find Dragonfly and me in an area of the country where very little that is genuine is available.

My other lifelong passion is horses. I currently have one lovely trail horse who lives at a wonderful friend’s barn. After over thirty years of owning a small farm, breeding, training, showing, foxhunting and judging hunter horse shows, I now live in the beautiful town of Warrenton and let someone else do the barn work! It’s a joy to ride out across the beautiful Virginia countryside on my “Buddy” with my friends.

A Virginian by heritage and a westerner at heart—the best of both worlds! I am always looking forward to my next trip out west (or anywhere else for that matter!). Did I mention I love to travel period?

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