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About Us

Our Mission

It is important to us that Native American art forms are honestly promoted. As a member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (I.A.C.A.), for over ten (10) years you can be assured that what we sell is genuinely made by Native Americans. We abide by the I.A.C.A.’s Mission from 1974 - 2018  “to promote, preserve and protect authentic American Indian arts and crafts.”  Our owner, Georgia Fischel, was a Board Member of the I.A.C.A. for 8 years and served variously as its Secretary, Vice President and President.   We are also a Member of the Southwest American Indian Arts Association (S.W.A.I.A) and a Founding Donor Member of the National Museum for the American Indian (N.M.A.I).  Additionally, Dragonfly donates to the Native American Advised Endowment Fund of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.  This Fund, set up by world renowned Chiricahua Apache sculptor Allen Houser in 1993, works in both urban and rural communities to strengthen Native life-ways and to support Native people as they strive to make better lives for themselves and their families.

Our specialty is jewelry and art from the Southwest in both traditional and contemporary designs. Over the years we have developed relationships with many artists. On the website you will find Zuni, Navajo, Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo) and Hopi Jewelry. We also have artists from other Pueblos along the Rio Grande in New Mexico among others. Additionally, there is always a nice selection of Zuni Fetishes for you to choose from. We attend Santa Fe Indian Market (S.W.A.I.A.) every year to keep up with the hottest new artists and the latest trends. There is always someone new to discover and something new to learn. Best of all, it is great fun. Indian Market is a real homecoming for nearly 1000 Native Artists and their families.

About the Owner

Our Owner, Georgia Fischel, has been a collector for over forty-five (45) years.  She has personal knowledge and experience in searching out and finding genuine Native American Jewelry, Pottery and Arts. Every piece we sell is hand-picked by her in New Mexico, Arizona and the Pueblos and Reservations of the Southwest.

Georgia was born and raised in Southern California. Her first exposure to the Native American Culture was Palm Canyon outside of Palm Springs. The Ancestral Agua Caliente Indians lived there among the Giant Palms and life giving natural springs. Her parents took her on walks there when they visited the area. It was, and is, a place of immense peace and calm that made an impression on her at a very young age. They moved to Virginia when she started high school to be near her  grandparents. Her grandfather had a Shenandoah River bottom farm where they would pick arrowheads out of the freshly turned soil. She was with him the day he pulled a perfect stone rolling pin out of the ground that was thousands of years old. He had bushels of arrowheads dating back that far. Georgia is a Virginian by heritage on both sides of her family dating back to the 1700’s. She was drawn to Colorado to attend and graduate from the University of Colorado. She found her soul in the Rocky Mountains and made her first trip to Taos and Santa Fe soon after college. She purchased her first Native American Turquoise ring in Taos in 1972 and has been collecting ever since. On that first trip to New Mexico, she visited San Ildefonso Pueblo and felt the same quiet as Palm Canyon. She says it was too bad she was too poor to buy any of Maria Martinez’s Blackware Pottery back then!

Georgia lived in Virginia for 45 years but never lost her love of the West. She has “hunted” and collected Native American jewelry, pottery and art ever since purchasing that first Turquoise ring.  Friends and relatives were always asking her to bring them authentic Native American jewelry and art from her regular travels out west. So, in 2007 she started Dragonfly Native American Jewelry out of her home. The website soon followed and she opened a boutique in 2012 in her hometown of Warrenton, Virginia . She loved the fact that people who have the same passion or want to know more about Native arts found her Dragonfly shop in an area of the country where very little that is genuine is available.

In April 2018 Georgia realized her dream of moving to New Mexico permanently. She now lives in Santa Fe and is close to all the best sources of genuine Native American Art.

Georgia's other lifelong passion is horses. For over thirty years she owned a small horse farm. She bred, trained, showed, foxhunted, worked the Thoroughbred Sales on the East Coast and was a Licensed Judge for hunter horse shows. She now looks forward to trail rides into the high country of New Mexico and Colorado.

She also loves to travel.  In the fall of 2018 she cruised through the countries on The Baltic Sea and to St. Petersburg, Russia.  It was a trip of a life time!

A Virginian by heritage and a westerner at heart—the best of both worlds!

Georgia Fischel, Owner